How Zapier Integrations Improve Your LMS

Zapier integrations have become a go-to solution for businesses who need to streamline their workflows and integrate their online tools. If you’re like most businesses today, you need your online tools to talk to each other, and your LMS is no exception. We rely on Zapier integrations to help our clients integrate their Learning Management Systems with their other online tools. Zapier is a service that allows non-technical users to configure sophisticated integrations between the apps they use

LMS Reporting Tips You Can Use

LMS reporting requirements can easily get overlooked during your initial LMS planning and setup process, even though reporting is one of the most important aspects of your training program. Without proper reporting, you could fall short on compliance measurements, miss critical requirements for continuing education, or lose out on important ROI and BI metrics. Don’t make the mistake of planning for your reporting needs after your LMS has launched. Making assumptions about your LMS reporting ca

Ecommerce LMS Tips You Can Use

Ecommerce LMS may not be the first thing on your mind when choosing or setting up your LMS. But there are logistics to work out before and during your ecommerce setup that are best dealt with sooner rather than later. Here are some ecommerce LMS tips to think about when choosing an LMS, or as you set up the ecommerce solution on your existing LMS. It is prudent to research whether your chosen LMS has the features to fulfill your vision of how ecommerce will work on your LMS. How do you plan to

5 Key LMS Support Tips to Offer Your Users

LMS support may be the furthest thing from your mind when first setting up your Learning Management System. But once you are ready to launch, you’ll wish you’d given it more thought. Support requests can quickly get out of hand and easily slip through the cracks without good systems in place. Here are some tips based on our experience setting up and maintaining LMS user support systems. You may think that offering as many ways as possible for users to get help is a good thing; but it can beco

6 Proactive LMS Management Tips for Your Team

LMS management can be a lot of work, especially if you are doing it on top of your already-full-time job. In a perfect world, you could set up your LMS, walk away, and let it take care of itself. Unfortunately, even the best Learning Management Systems need tending. There are things you can do now, however, to make that tending a bit easier. Here are some of the tactics we use to stay on top of our clients’ LMS management. Create a document or spreadsheet to help you track: • Features you wi

6 Tips For Successful LMS Implementation

As with any new system, LMS implementation goes much smoother with proper planning. Learning Management Systems tend to be robust platforms. Even seemingly small settings can make a huge difference in how well your LMS meets your organization’s needs. Here are some tips based on issues we regularly encounter when setting up client LMSs – including setting up custom domains; planning course and LMS organization; establishing onboarding procedures; and thinking ahead toward reporting and user he

LMS Selection Deal Breakers

LMS selection can be an overwhelming task. There are hundreds of Learning Management Systems on the market, and an equal number of tools to help you select the “right” one. It is easy to get lost in the myriad of LMS features and lose track of the functionality that is most important to your organization. It is just as easy to make assumptions about how your LMS selection will accommodate your needs. Don’t be too quick to check off vital feature requirements during your LMS selection. A bit of

Rapid Deployment of Your Online Training Part 3

In this series of articles, Elearning Delta has offered advice on how to get your training online quickly and painlessly. In Part One of this series, we talked about the importance of a Learning Management System (LMS) for disseminating your online training, and how to set up a functioning LMS in only one day. In Part Two, we focused on quick and easy ways to prep your training content and add it to your LMS courses. In this installment, we get you to the finish line by demonstrating how to finalize your courses, add your users, and implement other necessary features.

Rapid Deployment of Your Online Training Part 2

In these unpredictable times, you may suddenly find that you no longer have the luxury of time to migrate your training online. You may also find that it could take all your time just researching the options available for preparing your content. What you need are quick and easy solutions right now! Elearning Delta’s “solution” is to offer expert advice on how you can get your training online quickly and painlessly. This is the second in a series of informal articles to help you do just that.

Rapid Deployment of Your Online Training Part 1

You are not alone if you suddenly need to provide online training for a newly-remote workforce. In addition to migrating your in-person training online, you may be tasked with training workers on the tools they need to work remotely at all! Elearning Delta is here to offer expert advice on how you can get your training online quickly and painlessly. This is the first in a series of informal articles to help you do just that.

Looking Under the Hood of Your LMS

Most LMSs offer advanced methods “under their hoods” that grant direct access to the LMSs’ data and features. But these methods often get overlooked or written off as too complicated to use. While acronyms like API, LTI, and SSO can seem intimidating at first, once you understand how they work, you’ll wish you’d looked under the hood of your LMS sooner. Using these tools can expand the functionality of your LMS and may even save you the work of switching to a new one.

Virtual Reality Learning: Ready for Prime Time?

If you are anything like me, you keep a sharp eye on emerging technologies with the potential to improve your learner experience. And virtual reality learning has been on my radar for quite a while. So, when I was given the opportunity to experience the LearnBrite VR Scenario platform first hand, I jumped on it! In this post, I provide an overview of building a virtual reality learning experience with LearnBrite, and share some thoughts on the process from a traditional e-learning perspective.

Learning Management Systems for Publishers

Elearning isn’t just for educators and trainers anymore. Solutions like learning management systems and elearning software have become important tools for businesses seeking new revenue streams and fresh audiences. Do any of these apply to your publishing company? • You have authors who are thought leaders, college professors, or trade professionals • You are always seeking new revenue streams and fresh readership • You would like to add more interactivity to your ebooks • You wish you had a mo

Elearning Marketplaces and Software for Authors

Elearning isn’t just for educators and trainers anymore. Solutions like elearning marketplaces and software have become important tools for thought leaders, authors, and entrepreneurs seeking new revenue streams and increased exposure. Navigating the elearning landscape can seem a bit intimidating at first. Industry jargon like LMS and SCORM can make you feel like you’re in alien territory. But you don’t need to become an elearning expert to take advantage of this booming industry. In this art

Introducing - Bridging the Learning Curve

Elearning Delta is a full-service elearning solutions company that specializes in developing innovative, custom-built courses and learning management systems (LMS). The company’s team of talented elearning experts can build and develop your elearning project from the ground up and offer valuable help and guidance along every step of the way. Whether you are a huge Fortune 500 company with hundreds of franchisees, or a thought leader wishing to develop a one-off course, Elearning Delta will be t

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