A Practical Guide to Social Advertising

With Facebook continuing to tighten its grip on the reach of promotional updates, and other social media platforms sure to follow suit; it is time to be realistic about whether your social media marketing strategy can survive without including at least some social advertising. Digital ad spending surpassed print ad spending in 2013, and is projected to top $100 billion by 2018. And social ads continue to outperform display ads in click through and conversion rates every year.

Changes in Social Marketing - Independent

As the new year begins, major social media networks are, or soon will be, providing some new and some different options. For best results, keep the changes described below in your mind while you develop social media marketing campaigns. Facebook “reach”—in other words, how many of your page’s fans actually see a given update—is determined by the Facebook feed algorithm, which takes into account a number of factors meant to improve a user’s experience on the social network. (To keep up with spec

Underrated Tools for Driving Traffic and Improving Discoverability - Independent

Are you tired of reading more “new” tips about the same old social media tools? Me too. So here are some of my favorite underrated online tools that can drive traffic to your Web- site and improve book discoverability. Quora is a crowd-sourced Q&A site that has recently gained a lot of popularity. The idea behind Quora is that members post questions; other members answer those questions, and members then vote on the answers. If a member’s answer is voted up, the member earns a certain number

Mind your own social media business!

Are you as frustrated as I am with the ongoing trend of overgeneralized social media marketing advice? Admittedly, I can get sucked into reading those articles just as easily as the next guy. I can also start freaking out, thinking I am doing it all wrong and should just stop marketing altogether. Then I do a reality check by asking myself: Does this social media “advice” really apply to my business, my goals, or my target audience? Social media marketing may be out of its infancy; but it is still learning to walk. Luckily, the tools have been in use long enough for marketers to get a general f

Keys to Conversion

“Sure, getting discovered [or getting exposure] is great, but how many sales were generated as a result?” That’s the question people consistently asked during my two sessions at IBPA’s 2013 Publishing University, even though the session topics were quite different. One session was about improving a book’s online discoverability using search optimization techniques, and the other was about increasing a book’s online exposure using content marketing tactics.

5 ways to turn your YouTube views into sales and traffic

You followed the advice of the experts and created a YouTube channel. You even produced and uploaded some videos. Now you watch the numbers grow as YouTubers view your videos and subscribe to your channel. But what do numbers matter to your business if they don’t convert to sales or leads? YouTube visitors tend to convert and click deeper into websites than visitors from other social sites. Are you taking full advantage of this motivated audience?